EDXD and radiography mode switching

Setup of slits and filter for EDXD and radiography measurement.
Open Slits/Filter Setup on the PEC user interface.

Input slit sizes and filter setup values in the ‘Preset Position’ window.


Please do not change other parameters (e.g., Tip X, Y, Z, and so on).

Setup 1 is for EDXD measurement and setup 2 is for radiography measurement. Filter value is typically 0 (no filter) for EDXD measurement and -45 (100 μm molybdenum) for radiography measurement. Please close the window after completion. ‘1st Hsize’, ‘1st Vsize’, ‘2nd Hsize’, ‘2nd Vsize’, ‘Filter’ setups change simultaneously by clicking Slit for EDXD (EDXD) or For Camera (radiography).