EDXD measurement

On the PEC user interface,

  1. Move camera OUT

  2. Click Slits for EDXD to narrow slits and to remove filter.

  3. Move Tip X to IN position


Tip X must be moved to OUT position when putting in and removing PE cell to avoid accidentally bumping the collimator.

EDXD data collation and viewing is done using the hpMCA software:

  1. Open ‘hpMCA’ from shortcut on desktop

  1. File ‣ foreground ‣ open detector.

  2. Click OK, keeping the default PV name.


The EDXD detector PV name should be 16bmb:aim_adc1.

  1. Find sample Y, Z, and X, positions before starting EDXD data collection.

  2. Start EDXD data acquisition (Refer to hpMCA section for EDXD data acquisition and viewing).