Sample X position scan

Sample X position can be adjusted by using intensity of sample or diffraction pattern. However, it is difficult to scan sample X with diffraction intensity of amorphous material. We recommend scanning sample X by using diffraction intensity of MgO ring. Followings are procedures:

  1. Move Y -1.5 mm from sample Y center to see diffraction patterns of MgO.

  2. Add ROIs. for MgO peaks.

  3. Then, move Y -1.3 mm position from sample Y center (+0.2 mm Y from -1.5 mm position or move back to the sample Y center and move -1.3 mm Y).

  4. In order to connect EPICS motor control and MCA software, please click ON in ‘Scan1 MCA Trigger Toggle’, and then input data acquisition time for each step in ‘Preset Real Time’ (typically, 2-5 second).

  5. Open ‘Scan’ in ‘SAM X’, and input parameters (typically, Start=-1, End=1, #Pts=21).

  6. Then, click LoadGo to start scan.

  7. Sample X center is the location where MgO diffraction intensity is the minimum.


After the scan, please do not forget to ‘OFF’ ‘Scan1 MCA Trigger Toggle’, and input 0 in ‘Preset Real Time’.