Heating control

Before connection of cable, please confirm ‘Power Output’ in ‘PEC User Interface’ is ‘OFF’.


In hutch, please confirm ‘Heater Output Control Switch’ is ‘Disabled’.

  1. See that the thick power cables are connected.

  1. Turn On a fun on PE press for cooling of press body.

  2. ‘Enable’ on the ‘Heater Output Control Switch’.

  3. Before starting heating, it is recommended to start ‘LogBook’ to save log of heating.

On ‘PEC User Interface’,

  1. At first, please confirm ‘Voltage’ ‘Set Point (V)’=0, ‘Setpoint (Watt) on PID control = 0, and ‘Over Protection’ is ON.

  2. ‘Power Output’ ON

  3. Input 200 in ‘Limit’ under ‘Current’. Please input again even if the value is 200.

  4. Click Clear fault.

  5. ‘PID ON/OFF’ ON

  6. Tweak ‘Setpoint (Watt)’ by 1 W to 3 W.

  7. Check ‘Readback (Watt)’ is responding, and ‘Resistance’ is lower than 0.1 (typically, ~0.04-0.05 at ~1 W).


Response of heater is slow particularly at <10W. Please wait a while.


Increase of ‘Readback (Watt)’ may stop at <3W. If so, please check ‘Measured (Amp)’ under ‘Current’. If ‘Measured (Amp)’ value is 2.65, it is likely to forgot the procedure 3 (Input of 200 in ‘Limit’ of ‘Current’). In this case, please lower ‘Setpoint (Watt)’ to 0, turn OFF the ‘PID ON/OFF’, input 0 in Set Point (V), and turn Off the ‘Power Output’. Then, please restart the procedures.

  1. If heater response and resistance is okay, increase ‘Setpoint (Watt)’ slowly (it is better to keep <5 difference between ‘Readback (Watt)’ and ‘Setpoint (Watt).).

Cooling can be done by

  1. slow cooling by gradually decreasing ‘Setup (Watt)’ to 0, or

  2. Turn OFF ‘Power Output’ to quench sample.

In both cases, after cooling,

  1. Input 0 in ‘Setup (Watt)’.

  2. ‘PID On/OFF’ OFF

  3. ‘Power Output’ OFF

  4. Input 0 in ‘Set Point (V) under ‘Voltage’.

  5. ‘Disable’ on the ‘Heater Output Control Switch’ in the hutch.


Do not touch on press until turning off the power of heater power supply. Even after the power off, please take care. If you heated more than 1000 °C for more than several hours, press body may be hot. Please wait until the press body is cool.